EDIE & NICO – inspiration

*** EDIE & NICO ***


Edie, fragile

Nico, unattainable Sphinx.

Chronicle of that announced death, terribly empty and avid of affection, lightning of ephemeral light …  beautiful girl.

Girl-woman in eternal adolescence.

 Edie Sedgwick sung and saw by Nico, the mysterious blonde singer who joined Velvet Underground.

Factory Girls


Collection of contrasts: hard and soft. The female against the male. Austerity in shape and color giving way to the ornate and versatile thought straps. Cool & elegant versus naïf & sexy.

60s vibes collection, those years in which stereotypes change.

Rock & psychodelia


Silk satin, tulle and leather are the favourites of this collection. Plumetti tulle for the naïf and sweet side, tulle bagnato for the harder.

Black as THE COLOR , completed with shades of burgundy, copper and gold-ocher. Some leopard accents as symbol of an era and ideology.

Triangle bras, bralettes, plumetti bandeaus with chockers, a leather croptop and a new version of my cage bra , pants, thongs and differents knickers styles, most with straps complete the look of a woman that obviates the use of lingerie only for the interior.





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